Saturday, May 30, 2015

Benefits of smoothie

One of the most important part of the day we spend is eating food. It gives us energy, nutrition and supports our health. But besides that there are many reasons to drink fresh juices or even better choice smoothies. Why? First of all one smoothie can be made of plenty of vegetables and fruits or even mixture of it so we get tasty drink with loads of vitamins and nutrients. Secondly, it is great way to loose some weight, usually we all have this habbit of grabbing some snack before food, why can't we get some nice and quick drink instead of that? It is proved that smothie improves your digestion system and its a great source of minerals and vitamins that supports your skin, nails and hair. Also it affects your mental health due to the fact that it gives your brain all the vitamins and nutrients that helps you to focus better and improves your memory recall.
Cafe durant has 6 varieties of healthy and delicious smoothies: strawberry, banana, peach, blueberry, mango, pineapple.
Did you have your smoothie?

Have a nice day, every day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Inspiration of your day.

Have you ever looked outside the window and wonder if you spent some time today to be happy?
Does your day starts the way you wanted? Some people say that money can buy happiness some believe it does not. But what's the real value of happiness? Is it a new car in your garage or you prefer little things like someone is getting coffee for in the morning.

Once upon a time we all were little children. I remember that the biggest happiness for me was going to the beach and playing with the sand. Or waiting for Christmas... Even then, without actually knowing it, time was precious because we did not want to miss something.

As you learn how to count, numbers play such an important role in your life. First you count clouds, then you count lessons at school, then you get graduate at the university. Once you start working you start counting money. Time goes by and then you realize, that in this world of numbers, all you do is count. Count days, count minutes, count working hours...

Do you ever get time to stop and live for the moment? When we were kids we used to enjoy the rain. Sometimes we tell ourselves that we do not have time for all this. But is this true? What if we start planning our days and spare at least some time for the things that we used to love: drawing, listening to your favorite band, meeting old friends, watching old gold movies...

As we rush from place to place our never- ending life machine shows miles, but does it does not show the roads that we missed. Roads that lead to things that we will start from next week or next Monday. What About today? Even if your day just started or is about to finish, every day you have 24 hours or 1440 minutes to do what you really love doing.

This article is not about food or how it makes you healthy but besides that you need to be happy to be healthy and you need to be healthy to be happy. This time all I wanted is to tell you that money might buy all the necessary things that you need in life. Yes, being independent is very important. But when you enjoy the moment, when you capture beautiful things around, when you see smiling people, then you cannot count. You forget numbers. You live. Even if it is a minute of happiness. This feeling is uncountable.

May you smile from inside.

Edita@Cafe Durant

Monday, December 8, 2014

Benefits of egg or why you should pick it for breakfast?

No wonder that you've heard many times that breakfastis one of the most important meal of the day. There is even a famous saying: eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. But nowadays  we live in a such hurry that we don't always get the the time to cook in the morning. Usually we try to look for a place for the right breakfast. In addition to that we see that people all over are world are getting more and more concerned of what they are eating.
However, we have such range of diets and principles how to eat food all over internet or tv. Food plays such an important role that there are even several food channels.
The first thing that pomped in my mind why athletes add egg to their top of food list. I find out that egg has lots of benefits and there are many nutritional facts that we should know.
One egg can fulfill about 10 percent of your daily protein norm. Egg protein is the most complete food protein short of human breast milk, which means the protein in eggs contains all the crucial amino acids your hard-working muscles need to promote recovery. Eating just one of these nutritional powerhouses and you'll also get about 30 percent of the Daily Value (DV) for vitamin K, which is vital for healthy bones. And eggs contain choline, a brain nutrient that aids memory, and leutin, a pigment needed for healthy eyes. Choose omega-3 enhanced eggs and you can also increase your intake of healthy fats. Don't worry too much about the cholesterol: Studies have shown that egg eaters have a lower risk for heart disease than those who avoid eggs. Information source:
Thats why our restaurant has wide range of omelets and meals with egg for breakfast. May you always have enough time to enjoy your breakfast and stay healthy.

Have a wonderful day every day!

Edita@Cafe durant

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Good morning! Are you ready for Sunday breakfast!?

We have something to offer you! Try our special crepes with strawberries and creme. Yummy!